Steampunk Wallpaper

13 Pins
the word steampunk written in metal letters on a piece of steel with rivets
there are many metal clocks on the wall
an advertisement for wall panels with different patterns and designs on it's side, including letters
an old typewriter and some pictures with words written on the front cover that says digital murals
an image of a room with balloons and other things on the wall, including pictures
an animal print curtain with a lamp and book on the table in front of it
an animal print shower curtain next to a chair and mannequin on the wall
an open book with letters and pictures on the cover, next to a wall clock
an image of a chair and clock in a room with red wall paper on the walls
an image of a drum set in front of a wallpapered background with a woman wearing goggles
there are many letters on the wall in this room