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Collection by Michelle Viljoen

Michelle Viljoen
Picture of Emosies


Full colour wall chart / poster depicting eight different feelings. Under each expression this chart names 2 to 3 different emotions that can be related to each expression, in Afrikaans " Emosies ".

Picture of Klasreels


Full colour wall charts / posters depicting 10 different classroom rules, in Afrikaans " Klasreels ". Each rule is depicted on their own page with a picture and the rule written underneath. Having each rule on its own chart makes it easy to put it up in your classroom - horizontally or vertically - as it can fit into smaller spaces. You can put them all up together or focus on one a week. Discuss each rule with your class.

Picture of 1 - 100 Chart

Numbers: 1 - 50 and 51 - 100

Wall charts / posters depicting numbers 1 - 50 and 51 - 100 in a table. Each number is written in a separate block. You can use Numbers: 101-150 and 151 - 200 to make 1 - 200.

Picture of A - Z Alfabetkaarte: A5

A - Z Alfabet A5

Wall charts / Posters depicting each letter of the Alphabet, in Afrikaans " Alfabet ", with full colour pictures relating to each letter. Each letter is shown in capital and small letters.

Picture of 1 - 10 Kaarte en Aktiwiteite

1 - 10 Kaarte en Aktiwiteite

1 - 10 Kaarte en Aktiwiteite Kaarte 1-10 Kaarte en Aktiwiteite. Elke kaart het 'n nommer, numeraal en prentjie. 10 kaarte, A5 grootte en gelamineer. Product code: M9-A

Frog pond number line Bulletin Board

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Gator Grabber

11 - 20 Kaarte en Aktiwiteite


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