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a poem that says prayer rock with flowers on it
the instructions for how to tie an electric guitar string in three different colors and shapes
Colors of Christ Cross Craft for Children, Gospel Message for Kids
a glass filled with green liquid sitting on top of a table next to two children
Children's Ministry: Jesus Gets Excited When We Pray!
a blue plastic cup sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a pair of headphones
Jonah and the Whale Craft Teaches a Lesson on Obedience
some rocks are made to look like they have eyes and noses on them, with the words how to make a pet prayer rock
how to make your own pet prayer rock
a book cover with pictures of people playing games
Minute to Win it - Old Testament Bible Style Games
the book would you rather read it? is open on top of an open book
Scripture Game "Would You Rather" - Family Night Lesson on Choices
the words fun memory verse games are shown in this collage
7 FUN Bible Memory Verse Games (work with any verse)
a candy bar poster with the words candy bible verse scavenger hunt on it
Bible Verse Candy Scavenger Hunt - Happy Home Fairy
two boys are playing with badminton rackets and balls on the floor in an indoor gym
Skateboards and Scriptures