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Samantha Muller

Samantha Muller
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This looks like heaven itself... mmmm bacon

12 asparagus spears 6 prosciutto slices Cut prosciutto strips in half lengthways. Wrap the bottom end of prosciutto over the asparagus start rolling in a spiral up, leaving tip exposed. Fry wrapped asparagus spears until prosciutto is brown and crispy.

White Enameled Figure Skating Necklace by First String Jewelry

The perfect necklace for any figure skater or fan!

S’more Panini

simple dough and add chocolate pieces, banana slices, and marshmallows. Fold dough over to pocket everything inside using water to help the ends stick together, and press down slightly. Grill on griddle, flattening the panini as it cooks.

Tonya Harding's Triple Axel First Ever American Lady - the commentators' reactions just make the video... :)

Tonya Harding was the first American woman to land a triple Axel in competition, at the 1991 U. Figure Skating Championships in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Beautiful Lekalus ice skates with a French curve blade. and i don't even care about ice skating.

Lekalus ice skates with a French curve blade give a skater more control on trajectories and curves. prettiest ice skates ever.

Figure skating probs Not running into them, more falling on them...

Whatever happened to rink etiquette? Before rental skates are handed out, parents should be given a talk on rink etiquette in order to insure their child's safety and the safety of others.