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архитектура метрический ряд - Поиск в Google

архитектура метрический ряд - Поиск в Google

1/8 Scale Concept Model illustrates two opposing forces of movement, speed, and time. chipboard

what is a canopy? an overhang? a cantilevered beam? a protector of sun? here i& tried to design a grid of self-supporting laminated beams to shade the pattern of the azimuth of sun .

How Senses Impact Your Dining Experience

New York City is the epicenter of fantastic chefs who’ve captured national attention by virtue of media outlets like The New York Times, countless other publications, major television networks and .

Regardt van der Meulen South-African born sculptor.

South African artist Regardt van der Meulen delivers his series ‘Deconstructed’ made out of steel. The series exist of a group of fragmented, sci-fi-like sculptures of human shapes