Monique Hattingh

Monique Hattingh

Monique Hattingh
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hehehehe....hehehehe...but seriously, do you want to hear me scream?

Motionless in white, pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, bring me the horizon, black veil brides. The list could go on

I love when this happens xD

I was wearing my BVB jacket and i got a hug from another member of the BVB Army, made my day :)


It breaks my heart when band members talk about their tough past. I can feel my heart shattering <<<< so fucking same

Yes! XD

sorta both XD i love makeup but i love band tees XD

Bring me the Horizon singing Fall out boy I love it omg

Bring Me The Horizon singing Fall Out Boy I love it<<that is awesome because I like BMTH and FOB is my favorite band!