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How to Root Plant Clippings

How to root plant clippings. by Pretty Handy Girl.I keep meaning to try this.

Do you have an abundance of lavender growing in your garden? Then you need to read how to grow and use lavender in your home - we have some great ideas!

Essential Oils: Learn How Essential Oils Can Improve Your Life (Essential Oils for Beginners, Essential Oils and Aromatherapy for Beginners) by Jennifer Cane

Fire to Earth: Brown Berries Scarf By iSel - Free Knitted Pattern - (ravelry)

Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted skeins) Needles: US 8 Pattern: Cast on 30 sts. Row 1 (WS): Slip 1 pwise, purl to end. Row Slip 1 kwise, *YO, pass YO over repeat from * Repeat these two rows until desired length ending with a purl row. Bind off.