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purple flowers are growing on the side of a white building with letters in front of them
Start A Fire
These look great out front. I wasn't able to find the Dichondra 'Silver Falls' but I used something close. 5/18/13 Maximize the Power of Pink A. Impatiens 'Accent Pink' -- 4 B. Impatiens 'Pink Swirl' -- 4 C. Dichondra 'Silver Falls
a basket filled with lots of flowers and greenery
Sarasota Florist & Flower Delivery | Beneva Florist Brandon & Sarasota
Victorian Garden
a basket filled with lots of flowers on top of a table
This delicate basket arrangement with its gentle colours and soft velvety petals is certain to bring a smile to their face.
a potted plant with flowers and a fairy figurine sitting on top of it
blooming fairy trees
Fairy Garden featuring a Cuphea Tree
there is a bird house in the middle of some plants and rocks on this table
small white flowers in the middle of some green leaves and plants with long stems on them
Lily of the Valley ....these grew along the side of our house growing up....they will always have a special place in my heart.
an image of colorful flowers in a pot
Fresias, I love the Wondrous Odors and Colors of these pretty flowers !!
a bucket filled with purple and white flowers
a wicker basket filled with purple flowers
My inner landscape
Rough Tolerant Gardens | Lavender is a Mediterranean climate natural
three wicker baskets filled with plants and miniature figurines on top of a table
Fairy Garden Easter Baskets and Giveaway!
Little worlds created with tiny plants, furniture, and little creatures makes them whimsical and, without a doubt, a lot of fun. Creating a fairy garden in an Easter basket is pretty fun to do all year round!
there is a garden in the shape of a wheelbarrow
Miniature Fairy Garden - IN AWE. Two girl fairies who are IN AWE of the Blessed Mother and Baby statue at the Christian Village Church.
a basket filled with lots of different types of plants and rocks on top of a wooden table
How To Make A Fairy Garden & 4 Other Fabulous Outdoor Plant & Flower Projects for the Outdoor Extravaganza 2015! - Echoes of Laughter
MiNiaTuRe GaRDeN ____EchoesofLaughter