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Snatched Waist Workouts: Sculpt & Define 🏋️‍♀️🔥
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elimine aquela barriguinha indesejada em casa , exercícios práticos e fáceis 😍
Total Glutes Workout.
Total Glutes.... . . Follow us @womenfit555 For more tips on how you can achieve your dream physique from home, without the gym! ☝️Save and tag a friend! Tag a friend who will do these exercises with you! 🫱🏼‍🫲🏽 BOOTY BAND 🥳 Credit: @byjennirosa
Standing Abs Workout | Abs Workout for Women | Women's Fitness
Upper & Core🔥🔥
3-4 sets for each exercise. Black dumbbells are 5lbs each and orange are 8lbs each. . ▪️16 total kneeling alternating front raises ▪️12 glute bridge with tricep extensions ▪️16 total modified v sit static front raise to lateral raise ▪️16 bird dog shoulder taps into knee taps ▪️16 total seated narrow to wide bicep curls ▪️12 bent over reverse flyes
16 Min Standing Abs Workout | #weightlossworkout #homeworkout #womenfitness
I used 15, 20, & 25-lb dumbbells for this one! Do each of these exercises for 4 full rounds 🔥. I suggest doing them as a circuit and completing each exercise once through before starting the next round. Your time should be set for 6 exercises! 1. Squat Up-Downs w/ DB Hold 2. Single Leg DB DL to Row 3. DB Squat to Cross Body Crunch 4. Plank DB Side Arm Raise to Push-Up 5. Squat to DB DL Good luck and get yourself moving 😝!! #fullbodyworkout #dumbbellworkout #dumbbells Credit:@shainamarie.b
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lazy girl lower abs | fitness exercise
lazy girl lower abs| fitness exercise | LOWER BELLY ON 🔥 in just 4 min!😎🚨 30s each! NO REPEAT🥰 ✅SAVE & try this!🫶🏽 ✅here’s the secret…for (weight lose) Stop focusing on losing 100 pounds. Start focusing on losing 1 pound. Set SMALL goals because when you hit them you’ll feel success and feeling repeated over and over again is going to build your confidence! To the point that you will actually start to believe the big goal is possible for you. #fitness #weightloss#workout#lowerabs
Toned Arms