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PART 7: 100 wafer paper flowers in 10 days I’m making a hundred wafer paper flowers in different sizes: 52 small (1.5 inch) 36 medium (2-3 inch) 12 large (5-6 inch) My goal is to make them as fast as possible and as cheap as possible! So I created a list of all the tools and materials I’m going to use on Amazon, so if you want to get all the links, comment “100” and I’ll send you the link to my Amazon list. Join me on this journey as I share my process and all the tips on how to work with...
there is a cake that has gold decorations on the top and silver frosting on the bottom
Торт с осколками
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Decorative foil😍😍 so useful! @tortikannuchka
Look at this awesome trick by @ludmilaa_pavlova She shows us how to create edible glitter
Rice paper sail decorations on cake