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This Day in History: Oct 11, 1899: Boer War begins in South Africa

It was a war of greed. An already rich and powerful nation wanted more and was willing to sacrifice anything to get it. The Second Boer War (Dutch: Tweede Boerenoorlog, Afrikaans: Tweede Vryheidsoorlog or Tweede Boereoorlog) was fought from 11 October 1899 until 31 May 1902 between the British Empire and the Afrikaans-speaking Dutch settlers of two independent Boer republics, the South African Republic (Transvaal Republic) and the Orange Free State. It ended with a British victory and the…

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Most Boers were countrymen, running their farms from the back of a pony with a rifle in one hand. These rural Boers brought a life time of marksmanship to the war, an important advantage further exploited by Joubert’s consignment of smokeless magazine rifles.

Battle of Laing's Nek was a major battle fought at Laing's Nek during the First Boer War on 28 January 1881 Uk History, African History, World History, Military Art, Military History, The Devil's Own, Osprey Publishing, British Army Uniform, Ww2 Posters
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Pinturas de Guerra: Magna et excelsa collectio artis belli

1881 01-28 Carga de Brownlow en Laing Nek

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Battle of Majuba Hill

The disastrous British defeat at the hands of the Boers in Natal on 27th February 1881, leading to independence for the two Boer states.

kemetic-dreams: “ The Bengal Famine: How the British engineered the worst genocide in human history for profit “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion. The famine was their.

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Lizzie Van Zyl was a Boer child who died in the British Concentration Camp in Bloemfontein in South Africa. women and children died in the British concentration camps at the turn of the to Century.

Lizzie van Zyl

Lizzie Van Zyl (1894 - 9 May 1901) was a child inmate of Bloemfontein concentration camp who died from typhoid fever during the Second Boer War. The British incarcerated her following the refusal of her father, a Boer combatant, to surrender. Unable to speak English, she was labelled an idiot by the English-speaking doctor and his nurses, who were unable to understand her.

A Boer farm is demolished. The brutal tactics employed by the British to suppress the Boer insurgency were equally - if not more - effective at earning the enmity of the population than actually bringing the Boers to heel. The Boer commandos. Cape Colony, British Soldier, British Army, Camping Set Up, Armed Conflict, The Settlers, African History, Military History, South Africa

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inch) Print (other products available) - A horse patiently waits by his sleeping master on the march to Bloemfontein during the Boer War, circa (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) - Image supplied by Fine Art Storehouse - Print made in Australia

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Boer women, children and men unfit for service were herded together in concentration camps by the British forces during Anglo-Boer War 2 Haunting Photos, History Online, British Government, England, Total War, African History, Military History, World War Ii, South Africa