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the inside of a japanese style house with water and rocks in it's pond
Small is Beautiful in a Kanazawa Garden by japantimes: The porch off the drawing room, with carp enjoying the stillness of a pool in the stream that it overlooks. Image credit: Stephen Mansfield #Garden #Japan #Kanazawa
four different pictures of trees with yellow leaves in the foreground and on the right
An Ancient Chinese Ginkgo Tree Drops an Ocean of Golden Leaves — Colossal
An Ancient Chinese Gingko Tree Drops an Ocean of Golden Leaves
there is a very tall mountain with a bridge going up it's side and the words, pesiism never won any battle
Heaven's Gate, China
people walking across a wooden bridge over a river with waterfalls in the background, surrounded by greenery and blue water
The Plitvice Lakes
Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia
several boats floating down a river surrounded by green fields and yellow flowers in the distance
Canola Fields, Xinghua, China
an old house surrounded by trees and flowers with a stream running through the front yard
Alpenstrasse - Finlaystone House gardens ~ Scotland
Finlaystone House gardens ~ Scotland
three different images of the underwater world with people swimming in them and on top of it
Underwater ancient city, Qiandao ("Thousand Island") Lake, Zhejiang, China
a snowy landscape with mountains in the background and trees on the ground covered in snow
Kandersteg, Switzerland
a waterfall and some houses in the woods
101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part III)
Waterfall Castle in Poland. This looks like something out of a fairy tale! Want to visit here!
a lake with houses and mountains in the background
Lake Village :: Hallstatt, Austria.
a green field with houses and a waterfall in the background
Klausenpass, Switzerland
Klausenpass, Switzerland
a bridge that is over some water in the middle of a mountain range with green trees
HOLIDAYSPOTS4U | Finance & Business Information Fresh and Up To Date
Valle Verzasca, Switzerland
the water is rushing over the rocks into the river to see if it's going down
11 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Iceland 99TravelTips
an aerial view of a waterfall in the middle of some rocks with water running down it
Litlanesfoss, Iceland
Litlanesfoss, Iceland.