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Why is he so hot??!!

I hate when people say "you need to smile more" Like NO, people can be cute without smiling! If you don't like the way I look, stab yourself in the eyes.

Young Jesus here. droppin’ em sick beats with our fiiiine men.

Please give mama Tae a big hug!! This is to precious...

Everyone thought Tae was spoiled because he wore an expensive jacket but his mom bought it so he wouldn't get picked on

This is the hardest decision of my life

Where's Heechul at? <<truth where is the original sassy savage?<<we needed a fair competition

KPop Fans Can Relate #1261: Never had cocaine in my life, so I'll just say that KPop is my cocaine ~~ <3

Idk what it feels like to be on cocaine, but if its like Kpop, then uh, no thanks, I don't need my life re-ruined