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when mr right falls in your lap

i heart moments like these IDEA! Make the bench for photo shoot and then have the guests sign at wedding.lots of memories with it. Kids pictures as you get older etc etc.

cuddling..Love to wake up with my baby like this! These lil moments are the glue to marriage

Just a lazy Sunday morning , I love our weekend mornings , Well all mornings because they start with me Waking up wrapped in your arms

Baby, I love you!!! Please believe that with all your heart!! All I want is to be with you.. I'm sorry I missed your text!!

How to be happy? The essential questions to happiness. They say you have to think 3 positive things for 1 negative thought, in order to be happy. How can you know you are happy? Can you be depressed and happy in the mean time?


I hate socks, Chris doesn't. So while we cuddle and watch TV on the couch: I put my feet in between his, making a nice "cozy foot hammock" a term I made up that Chris hated so much haha.

sleeping in her lap sexy couple tumblr

Then comes sex and a stIff drink and a night of sleep in a sweet, exhausted rats' tangle in our big soft bed.

Although we are generally exposed to reactive messages through media, this proactive, simply put message is one that students are often exposed to on their campus and through some of their social interactions. -GP

There ARE men who love and protect. They walk a variety of paths in life with kind hearts.willing to help save a life. These men accept hurting and difficult people with compassion and


Healing my life.where it led? To this point where I dedicate my life to assisting others because I know so well what it feels like to be torn down.


Listen to people when they are angry, because that is when the real truth comes out. Sometimes it's shows the truth you need to listen as well

I didn't think it was possible to get knocked down any lower and then he proved me wrong but I'm clawing my way back and I will stand taller, stronger and prouder then I ever thought possible. You just watch me.