diy modern dreamcatcher using wooden beads

diy modern dreamcatcher

DIY: Make your own modern dreamcatcher using a macrame hoop, white yarn, and wooden beads.

Dapperness on a Saturday c/o #thedressedchest in our #thegrunionrun pocket square.

The devil is in the details. Take the pocket square, the tie pin and the lapel pin out and this becomes a boring outfit

kill 'em with style -- pistol tie pin, menswear accessories

Textured gray jacket with blue shirt and tie. Also, awesome gun tie tack.

There's nothing quite as confusing as when Superman changes into his "Clark Kent, Frustrated Waiter/Band Member/Bad Boy Actor" disguise. Especially in this new era of cell phones, which have totally displaced phone booths. So many questions. SO MANY QUESTIONS.

I’m crazy about men with tattoos! It looks incredibly sexy, and if your groom has tattoos, let him rock them! Every tattoo has a meaning.

bartender. A real bartender.

alifewellsuited: Gentleman Bartender Dylan would be happier in front of the camera if I bribed him with beer.

Two vests?  Button collar?  Cuff detail?  Sure.

THELEES Mens Casual Slim fit Long Sleeve Unique Jacket Coat Blazer Collection

Double vest,"now that's an idea" I never thought of. I'm always hot so it's hard for me to wear a jacket or coat and be comfortable. But a double vest gives that same effect without all the material.

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