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a poster with people sitting at a table full of food and drinks, which reads when you have more than you need build a longer table not a higher wall
a blue ribbon with the words cried but did the thing anyway
"Did The Thing Anyway" Sticker for Sale by meandthemoon
a piece of paper with the words everything written on it in colored crayons
Affirmation Quotes, Tattoo Inspiration, Inspiration Tattoos, Note To Self
My Brain Feels Heavy, Neurodivergent Funny Quotes, Understimulated Tips, Maybe You Were Just 15, Neurodivergent Journal, I Want To Be That House, Audhd Tips, Neuro Aesthetic, Autismcore Aesthetic
Guy Decides To Punish A Sandwich Thief, Ends Up Being At Fault As It Turns Out To Be A Kid
the quote you cannot't find peace by avoiding life - virginia woolff
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