Wedding Rings with your husband's or wife's fingerprints - creepy or romantic?

Brent & Jess's unique custom fingerprint wedding rings

Set Custom Double Fingerprints Wrapped - by Brent & Jess Custom Handmade Fingerprint Wedding Rings and Jewelry

Made-to-measure picnic trunk, the perfect day in a box?

*WANT* One of the oldest and illustrious French trunk makers 'malletier' who continued to pioneer innovation in the design of trunks since Moynat has now turned to bicycles and launched the bicycle picnic trunk in an effort to revive the classic tradition

Not for the faint-hearted... a DNA necklace from your very own cells!

Not for the faint-hearted. a DNA necklace from your very own cells!

"Right Hand", by Brian Matthew Hart

Light Painting Mosaics from photographer Brian Matthew Hart who is a master of drawing with light. Hart created a number of mosaics using individual exposures, the largest hand above, part of an unfinished diptych, is made from 324 photographs!