Melissa Oosthuisen

Melissa Oosthuisen

Melissa Oosthuisen
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Positive Quotes For Life: One of the hardest lessons in life to learn is figuring out which bridges to cross and which to burn

This definitely rates as a lovely place to stay. Bubble tents in the Bouches-du-Rhone forest in France's Attrap'Reves Hotel

The Hotel Bubble in France. Bubble Rooms – ideas, used by two hotels in France. Small bubbles are designed by designer Pierre-Stephane Dumas, they allow you to stay in the room, but at the same time as though and in the open air.

Alphabet Parking Lot: Matching Capital and Lowercase Letters

Alphabet Parking Lot: Matching capital and lowercase letters using toy cars. What kid doesn't love toy cars? Could be used for colors and shapes!


Wood Home Office Furniture Furnishing Ideas With Glass Windows And High Ceiling Of Eclectic Marrickville House Sydney: Eclectic Marrickville House Sydney by David Boyle Architect