Pampoenpoffertjies met karamelstroop

Dié poffertjies is die gewone pampoenkoekie se wulpse niggie. Groente was nog nooit so lekker nie!

Vinegar pudding

Old fashioned vinegar pudding - this has the texture of cake and served with ice cream, it resembles Indian Pudding - serve warm from the oven .

40 jaar fudge | – Kook en Geniet saam met Ons!

40 jaar oue fudge resep, die is ‘n wenner…. 115 g ml) botter. 250 ml vars melk. 25 ml goue stroop. 5 ml vanieljegeursel…

Ouma Estelle Se Hotelpoeding

Hotel Poeding Die poeding het nie ’n naamgehad nie, maar volgens die berig is dit gereeld vir gaste in ’n hotel op Queenstown

The Best Ever Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

The Best Ever Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

I also know that people have strong opinions about the mix-ins for their carrot cake, to which I say: MIX IN WHATEVER YOU WANT. Prefer walnuts over pecans?

First of all: these traditional pancakes are not thick and smallish. They are thin, about the thickness of a plastic school ruler or even thinner! Secondly, they are large - made in pans of between 7 and 8 in diameter. The bazaar in this case comes from the name for the yearly Thanksgiving fAndAtilde;tes held by almost all churches across the land: the church bazaar. A bazaar is not a bazaar without a posse of chunky aunties and uncles (not relatives!) behind a church hall table, baking…

South African Bazaar Pancakes

These South African Bazaar Pancakes 8 ounces flour g) teaspoon salt 3 eggs pint milk (about 375 ml) 2 tablespoons melted butter ml) 2 tablespoons cognac (or brandy or rum) 1 cup sugar 1 tablespoon cinnamon, ground

Gebakte poeding

Anna se Gebakte Poeding Rencia Odendaal Pretorius Gebruik bak x Bestandele: 1 eier suiker meel bakpoeier koeksoda asyn 2 eetl appelkooskonfyt 1 kop melk Sout Meto.