Oasis - Trollbeads.com

Trollbeads: Oasis Bead - In the middle of the desert it suddenly appears.

Pink Desert - Trollbeads.com

Trollbeads: Universal Pink Desert Bead - Universal Beads are designed with a larger opening to fit all major brands.A tranquil desert sunrise. The rose-colored sky reflects the light of a thousand desert suns.

Sea Glow - http://www.trollbeads.com/south-africa/en-za/products/new%20products/62037(base_usd)

The Sea Glow glass Trollbeads are a deep and eye catching aqua that in the dark show as green. Trollbeads now has three glass beads that shine in the dark.

Moonlight Bubbles - trollbeads.com

Trollbeads: Moonlight Bubbles Bead - The moonlight casts shadows between the bubbles sparkling from pearl, creating a romantic moment. Please note, no two beads are exactly the same coloration.

Stone Flower - Trollbeads.com

Stone Flower Trollbeads are neutral and very useful to place on a bracelet. Flowers growing directly on a stone on a beach created the colors of this bead.

triple pearl - black TB

Trollbeads: Black Triple Pearl Bead - The four-leaf clover is a well-known sign of luck and good fortune. In Fairyland, however, luck will smile on you if you find an oyster hiding three black pearls within its protective shell.

Amber Violets Bead - Trollbeads.com

Amber Violets Purple as a colour means royalty and power. These violets shimmer of pearl and cast beautiful shadows on a warm amber background. This glass charm bead fits Trollbeads bracelets and Trollbeads necklaces.

My trollbeads

My trollbeads

Neptune's Promise

Trollbeads: Neptune's Promise Bead - When the waters are turbulent, Neptune brings peace and harmony.

Pink Conch

Trollbeads: Pink Conch Bead - In many cultures a conch is believed to bring good luck.