Protea, South Africa

Photos - Flowers - Protea Aristata - Love the beautiful hot pink bloom and unique pine-like foliage!

kind protea - maybe one for my bouquet and a couple for some of the centerpieces - not many of these since they're so big

You can now buy and send proteas online in South Africa when you shop online with NetFlorist, they have beautiful protea flowers for sale online!

Pink Protea flower by Leah-Anne Thompson

Pink Protea Proteaceae Flower Greeting Card for Sale by Leah-Anne Thompson

National flower of South Africa

National flower of South Africa, The king protea (Protea cynaroides) is a flowering plant.

fantastic use of colors and texture. Stella Bruwer

Art by Stella Bruwer white enamel bucket with 2 large red and white flowers white cloth with red stripe. Stack of enamel bowls it one large red and white flower blue shabby chair with another white cloth with red stripe

Protea Painting, Oil on canvas, Melissa Von Brughan

Blushing brides work in progress White box framed pink ice proteas. SOLD Kamers Vol Geskenke peonies finally .

2012 King Protea Stamp  Lize-Marie Dreyer

South Africa stamp 2012 - King Protea - designed by Lize-Marie Dreyer.