Monica Viljoen

Monica Viljoen

Monica Viljoen
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Banff! Beautiful little town

This will definitely be part of our trip from MT to Canada! Banff, Alberta, Canada- one of the most gorgeous spots in the world and right across the border from Glacier National Park in Montana.

Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

Extraordinary adventures await you at Lake Louise and Banff National Park, Alberta. Discover everything from relaxing scenery and amazing wildlife to heart-pounding outdoor recreation.

Mamma en baba smiling

Shes so happy she could do flips: Dolphin baby Dolly swims with her mother Delphi in the Delphinarium at the zoo in Duisburg, Germany.

dolphins :)

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent mammals on the planet. And they communicate with sonar. This is my favorite animal :)

Dolphin @ sunset

dolphin at sunset. Wish I had seen them at sunrise while heading out into the ocean for deep sea fishing. I've always seen them before sunrise.

Partial Solar Eclipse over Texas

ikenbot: Partial Solar Eclipse over Texas Image Credit & Copyright: Jimmy Westlake (Colorado Mountain College) & Linda Westlake It was a typical Texas sunset except that most of the Sun was missing.