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a box filled with lots of cakes covered in blueberries
La vie est belle (@lavieestbelIe) on X
a box filled with lots of small desserts on top of a white countertop
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a christmas cake decorated with santa claus and other holiday decorating items on top of it
82+ Mouthwatering Christmas Cake Decoration Ideas
Christmas-Cake-Decoration-Ideas-2017-63 82 Mouthwatering Christmas Cake Decoration Ideas 2017
a deer cake sitting on top of a green plate next to gold utensils
Delightful Winter Deer Cake
Whether you’re celebrating a December birthday or baby shower, this Delightful Winter Deer Cake is the perfect addition to your special celebration! Decorated using buttercream icing and fondant, this one-tier round cake uses a printable pattern to make all the facial elements. Use the How to Decorate with Fondant Course kit for helpful instructions on how to work with fondant, tint fondant and how to make those cute holly leaves and berries. #wiltoncakes #christmascake #holidaycake #animalcake
green frosted cupcakes with white icing and a star on the top
Christmas Tree Meringues - Crumbs and Corkscrews
Add a touch of festive magic to your holiday dessert table with these super cute and simple Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies... light, airy, a little bit chewy with a sprinkle of sparkle! #christmasrecipe #meringue #cookie #christmastree #meringuecookie #easyrecipe #crumbscorkscrews | crumbscorkscrews.com
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a chocolate cake decorated with reindeer antlers and holly leaves
Christmas Reindeer Cake
a cake decorated with flowers and reindeer antlers
a white cake with chocolate icing, candy canes and stars on top is sitting on a plate
a cake with chocolate frosting and candy canes
Christmas drip cake! De showstopper van het kerstdiner!
Jaa hoor! Alweer een drip cake! Een christmas drip cake, als showstopper van het kerstdiner bijvoorbeeld! Ga jij ook de show stelen deze kerstdagen?
a cake with reindeer antlers on top of it
Reindeer cake