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Monica Van Staden

Monica Van Staden
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Crochet Bookmark Handmade Daffodil With Orange Center

Might buy this pattern sometime when I'm bored. Crochet Bookmark Handmade Daffodil With Orange Center

Easy Slow Cooker Hack Tips | Make Soap With A Crock Pot By DIY Ready.

Crock Pot Soap - The Secret to Making Slow Cooker Soap. There are no special requirements for crock pot soap. Our basic cold process recipe of water, lye, and fat gives you a solid base for creating many great soaps!

Paracord Necklace - Paracord Cross Instructions

How to make a paracord necklace in simple steps. Create things like a paracord cross or a lanyard hanger using the Square Crown Sinnet.

Make Glycerin Soap from Scratch THis is what I've been looking for!!!

Double-boiler hot process soapmaking recipe (for experienced soap makers): Make Glycerin Soap from Scratch--not Melt and Pour--from Susanne's Crafty Corner (actually page 2 of the tutorial, but page 1 didn't have any pictures, so I couldn't Pin).

The Best Beginner Glycerin Soap Recipes On the Web - Tips on what to avoid!

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY Ideas Hair & Beauty 2017 / 2018 Black Raspberry Soap Making -Read More -