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I love the way Logan comes through for Rory in this episode I love when Logan pulls out the food for their date "When you're on!" -Rory

Logan: Are these proofed? Rory: Yeah but they're not typed in yet. Logan: I'll do that. I type 90 words a minute. Rory: You do? Logan: You really did only like me for my looks, huh?

if i were born in the 60s, i would probably be like her

Requests welcome and appreciated SESSIONS: 10 Things I Hate About You 13 Going on 30 21 Jump Street 27 Dresses Days of Summer A Bug’s Life A Little Princess A Single Man Addams Family Values.

this episode & that of the best OTH moments

One Tree Hill - Naley - Nathan Scott (James Lafferty) & Haley James Scott (Bethany Joy Lenz) Always and Forever - Season 4