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a birdcage filled with lots of items on top of a black wall next to a clock
Inside The Box Art
Copper Pipe Pendants, diy Metal, Fimo, Metal Jewellery, Wire Jewellery, Pipe Pendant, Soldering Jewelry, Metal Jewelry, Copper Jewelry, Wire Jewelry
Copper Pipe Pendants
Copper Pipe Pendants, diy
an old wooden shelf filled with lots of different types of items and things in it
lynneparks » assemblages
an old photo frame hanging from a red ribbon
Yahoo - login
an open tin can with flowers and birds on the side, sitting on a table
little tin # 2
tiny assemblage
a piece of art that has been altered to look like someones body and heart
Cathy Cullis
a small bird sitting on top of a shelf next to other objects and decor items
A Bird in the Hand
Blue Jay, by James Mullan
an image of a cat that is on top of a book with the words cats
Black White Cat Dictionary Book Page Collage Art Print Buy 3 - Etsy
Black White Cat dictionary book page collage
an altered image of a dress on top of a page with the word tutu
flying shoes art studio
Tutu Mixed Media Drawing on Distressed, Dictionary Page - - available for purchase at
an old book with a drawing of a woman jumping in the air is for sale!
Franz Falckenhaus
an old metal box with a bird on it's side and a string attached to the lid
Glen Skien
a poster with an image of two people in front of a dart and a target
Error - Saatchi Art
Unlimited Points by Kass Copeland
an old time photo with clown hats on it's head and four people in the background
Collage, Encaustic & Assemblage
There's One in Every Family, Vicki Fish
a wooden box with scrabbles and an angel on the inside, in front of a map
She Often Dreamed Of Flying Away, Vicki Fish
an old fashioned television sitting inside of a wooden box on top of a white wall
A mixed media exploration of secrets and identity by Photographer K.K. DePaul
K. K. Depaul
a small tin can with a little boy sitting on it's back and wearing a party hat
Assignment: Assemblage Sculpture
a group of children standing next to each other in front of a sign that says potty hat club
Love this Artist Trading Card!
several antique tin canisters are stacked on top of each other in the shape of children's heads
The New Victorian Ruralist
Art inspiration
a clock made out of wooden letters with a woman's face on top
Guardian Angel
an intricately decorated wall with many different colors and designs
one day
great shapes and colors
a drawing of a woman holding a wine glass up in the air with her hands
Michèle Meister
Michele Meister's art
a drawing of a bird sitting on top of a box
dry point
a collage of maps and other items with the words 22 mod podge map crafts
Map Crafts with Mod Podge You'll Have to Try!
Okay, so I'm not really crafy, but I want to be...and I LOVE all of these map things which is making me wish I was craftier. 22 Mod Podge map crafts you'll love
a woman sitting in a chair holding an animal made out of paper mache's
Home Page
Magda Van der Vloed is a South African artist, designer and product developer who loves working with recycled materials. She frequently crochets with recycled plastic bags as well as with thick PVC wire/ recycled phone cords.
a painting with houses and trees in the background
folk art quilt
an old suitcase with three dolls in it on a wooden table next to a wall
an open book with pictures on it and some pages in the same section that are stacked up
curated contemporary art
Vintage book art
an ornate white and gold clock tower with hand prints on the front, black background
Janet ONeal
a teapot with two different designs on it and a bird figurine next to it
Incredibly Cool! Very Imaginative. One of Mirjana Smith's Teapots Assembled From Found Objects.
a wooden hand holding a bird on top of a wheelbarrow and pointing it at something
DBC System | 404 Error
Orr, Mark Pinckney
an open book with drawings on it and the letter d written in cursive writing
Los hombres odían ..
"Los hombres odían" ,,,,#journal pages... by Siddartha Babbii ..
an open book with a drawing of a woman holding a flask and beakle
How to make a love potion.
"How to make a love potion." #journal pages by Luci Whittaker...
an old suitcase with various magnets on it
Keep Calm and Carry On
domino art
an old book with drawings of animals and birds on it's pages, including a map
Interviewing James Michael Starr (again)
James Michael Starr
an old postcard with a drawing of a dragonfly on it's back
#Envelope with #dragonfly
several different pictures with stamps on them and some animals in the middle one has a bird
Mosaic Monday - Mail Art
Mail art
a painting of a woman wearing a crown surrounded by flowers and butterflies in the sky
Colagem Sonho 01
a collage of an image of a woman with wings on her head and the words yes
TME.NET - Tech, Media & Entertainment
Design collage by Teresa Cucala
an altered photograph of a girl with wings on her head and words above her head
Design You Trust
Teresa Cucala
a painting of a woman in a bathing suit standing on the beach next to an ocean
Sea Changes
Picture of Venus
a woman holding up a piece of paper in front of a wall with pictures on it
As Numberous (Blue)
an assortment of miniature boxes and magnets on a white surface with various pictures in them
mano's welt
mano kellner, art boxes, all of december 2012
an old book with many different stickers on it
Jill Ricci
two tall buildings with birds on top of them
suzanne sbarge
suzanne sbarge
an old postcard with a bird on it and some stamps in the back ground
A Paper Bear Art Journal Tumblr
by Mark Powell A Paper Bear Art Journal Tumblr
a collage of different images with scissors and paper cut outs on them, including an image of a man in a tuxedo
Lars Henkel
a young boy holding an umbrella standing in front of a blue and white background with flowers
#Rain #Collage #Girl #Umbrella
three different pictures with some writing on them
curated contemporary art
Esen Demirci
two women with their hands covering their eyes and the words inspiration written on them are in white
Inspiration by Karin Miller
a drawing of a hand holding a piece of paper
Sketches and Illustrations by Gabriella Barouch - Today in Art
by Gabriella Barouch
a drawing of a house on top of a hill with trees and clouds above it
Hansel and Gretel by Gustavo Aimar
an ornate brooch with a bird on it
Altered Spoon
altered spoon
a piece of art hanging on the wall
Studio Fruit Friday - Spring's Curtsey
a clock with scissors hanging from it's side and a painting on the wall behind it
Rock, Paper, Scissors
"Rock, Paper,Scissors" by Knickertwist