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a close up of a plant with green leaves
Three Ways to Encourage a Fiddle Leaf Fig to Branch: Pruning, Notching & Pinching
three pumpkin shaped vases sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Making and Painting Cement Pumpkins Using Bungalow 47™ Furniture Paint
a painted flower pot with sunflowers on it in front of some bushes and grass
Bright Sunflower 4, 6, 8, 10 Flowerpot, Hand Painted Pot, Colorful Terracotta Planter, Whimsical Garden Pot, Outdoor Decor, Gift Idea - Etsy
a flower pot sitting on top of a plate next to a brick wall with bees
decorated sunflower flower pot, decorated sunflower terra cotta planter with saucer and bees, decorated sunflower and bee flower pot, gifts
an orange bird bath with sunflowers painted on it's sides and leaves around the edges
Best Paint Colors For Birdbaths: A Starter Guide - Birding Outdoors