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Buttermilk Bran Rusks

Ina Paarman's Ma Nellie's buttermilk rusks - winner recipe (baking them now for 2nd time this winter)

Ina Paarman`s mother's quick and easy signature recipe. She always baked them in her black oven roasting pan and left them to stand until the next day before cutting and drying.

Homemade Buttermilk & Aniseed Rusks - Local, seasonal food & recipes for dinner. South African foods.

Homemade Buttermilk & Aniseed Rusks/Biscotti - Local, seasonal food & recipes for dinner.

Old-fashioned farm rusks

This traditional South African favourite is sure to add to happy family days

RUSTLE UP RUSKS: Wake up or wind down with a strong cuppa and homemade buttermilk

Few things spell "comfort" quite like a cup of coffee and a rusk.