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several pretzels are arranged in the shape of a heart on top of snow
Heart-Shaped Sea Salt Rosemary Pretzels
These Heart-Shaped Sea Salt Rosemary Pretzels are perfect for Valentine's Day as they are soft, salty, and oh so yummy!
a white bowl filled with crackers on top of a wooden table
Whole Wheat Olive Oil And Herb Crackers
Olive Oil and Herb Crackers -- handmade crackers perfect for gifting with some gourmet cheeses! ;)
1h 10m
a stack of crackers sitting on top of each other next to a package of cookies
Lentil Crackers--GF & vegan with a satisfying crunch!
Homemade Crackers - Make with LENTILS Buckwheat. This great cracker recipe has grain and nut free options!
everything bagel flax crackers with cream cheese on top
Everything Bagel Flax Crackers
Everything Bagel Flax Crackers - Are you vegan and gluten free and miss everything bagels? These may not satisfy your bagel craving, but they may satisfy your everything seasoning craving!
crackers are lined up on a baking sheet next to a pan with one cut in half
Flaxseed Twisty Sticks
Flaxseed Twisty Sticks - An easy and savory cracker recipe made with flaxseed. These are deliciously addictive - and good for you too!
golden tortilla crackers on a white plate with text overlay that says golden turment cracker
Golden Turmeric Cracker Recipe | Elephantastic Vegan
Golden Turmeric Cracker |
some kind of cracker that is on top of a table with something in it
The #1 Keto Seed Crackers - Recipe - Diet Doctor
Low-Carb Seed Crackers
1h 15m
a person holding up a piece of food on top of a wooden table
Abundant Veggie Flax Crackers
Abundant Veggie Flax Crackers (raw, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free)
the cover of multi - seed crepes, with text overlaying it
Multi Seed Crisps ~ Homemade Vegan Crackers
Vegan Multi Seed Crisps couldn't be easier to make ~ you only need seeds and water! |healthy | appetizers | cheese and crackers | homemade crackers
1h 15m
crackers are laid out on a baking sheet and ready to be baked in the oven
Can't-Stop Crackers
Can't-Stop Crackers: These nutritional yeast crackers are savory, crispy, and SO addictive. Make a double batch because they going to go fast. As in, once you start eating them, you won't stop! |
cheddar basil biscuits on a cutting board
Easy Keto Crackers With Just 2 Ingredients - KetoConnect
Our Low Carb Cheese Crackers are easy to make and are the perfect holiday appetizer and lunch box snack!
tortilla chips in a bowl on a table
Sesame Crackers (Thin and Crispy) - Taste of Artisan
These sesame crackers are very similar to those overpriced artisan crackers you see at local grocery stores. Only these much, much taste better.
an orange bowl filled with crackers next to a stack of cookies on top of a table
Vegan Endurance Crackers (Gluten-free) | 86 Lemons
chickpea and oat crispy crackers healthy and easy
Chickpea and oat crackers
Chickpea and oat crackers, healthy snacks made with simple ingredients. Crispy and crunchy and delicious