Prophet Muhammud

22 Pins
an islamic text with the names and dates
Tahajjud Prayer
the meanings of the salat prayer
Translation of Salaat. Islam. Prayer.
four different types of sunsets and clouds with the words prayer through time on them
Islamic InfoDesign
Prayers Timeline
the emergency telephone numbers call when
Quran <3
a poster with the words 10 minutes and ten minutes
Ya Allah!
time to pray
a poster with the words pray and four different types of symbols on it, including flowers
NB! The poster is not from a hadits or any other Islamic source! Thees are just a motivational words that means to remind that every success in life comes trough performing your 5 daily salat.
the times of appearance of dua on a black and white background with text below it
Time of acceptance of Prayers #dua
an islamic quote on green and yellow background
Islam Reflection
Ya Allah!
an arabic poem written in two different languages
Islamic Reflections on Twitter
the benefits of ayet u kursi info sheet on how to use it
Benefits of Ayat ul Kursi. I doubted myself when it came to saying this ayat, now I can remember it more than the words of salat, that were engraved into my brain as a child. Ask, Ya Alllah, please help me. I say it before bed, and the feeling you get is indescribable. Subhunallah. If i can you can too, Inshallah.
a drawing of the human head and neck with arabic writing on parchment paper behind it
two hands are shown with different lines on the palm and one hand is drawn in blue
Amazing Marks on Your Hands islamic miracle picture
Amazing marks on your hand...... SUBHANALLAH. ❤️