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a woman's arm with a henna tattoo on it
I've been doing variations on this little favorite for years!! Always gets picked from my design pile, and I'm always happy to oblige. Need some henna? Come to the Balloon Festival Friday, Saturday, or Sunday and we will hook you up!! Plus you'll see the amazing balloons morning and evening, hear great music, and have a generally memorable time.
a drawing of a bird with swirls on it's wings and the letter b
henna tattoo butterfly design
henna tattoo butterfly design by april-mo, via Flickr
two people with tattoos on their legs and one has an eye in the middle of it
leg henna | Tumblr
leg henna | Tumblr
a woman's hand with hennap on it and a yin sign tattoo
40 Delicate Henna Tattoo Designs
40 Delicate Henna Tattoo Designs
a close up of a person's foot with a tattoo design on the side
Henna tattoo design
a person's hand with a heart and flowers tattoo on the middle of it
Easy and Beauty Henna <3 <3
a music note tattoo on the back of a woman's stomach, with a treble in the shape of a heart
10 Most Beautiful Tattoo Designs for Lovely Women - Pretty Designs
Pretty Music and Heart Shape Tattoo
a woman's foot with music notes and musical notes drawn on the side of her leg
Henna in Las Cruces
Henna in Las Cruces