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Tracey-Lee Davids

Tracey-Lee Davids
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Know & value ur true friends oh how true. This is a recently implemented thing!

"There comes a time when you have to stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t even jump puddles for you." Story of my life ! Thought they were different.

"I'm so grateful that my husband does this" :)

Every Girl Wants a Guy Who She Can Run Up to With Her Hair a Mess, No Makeup, And The First Thing He Says Is ”You’re Beautiful” ~ Love hubby.

My oldest yelled this to my boyfriend made us all laugh as he was mocking me as I said goodbye to him and I love you......Thank you for making me smile Steven.

I LOVE the song "You are my sunshine" & sing it to my kids often. My 4 year old used to make me sing it over & over & over whenever we were.

Amazing love quotation (I'm so blessed to be able to work w/ my husband (best friend!) every day! ~Cindy McMullen~)

Feels like this is Smokey and I, no matter how many little argues we have about the dumbest things he makes me feel like HOME. I will be forever blessed to know that he is making me feel what my heart has never felt.

love quote... well my best friends are emily and alex, my boyfriend is kyle. and true love is something you work at so yeah

Every girl has their bestfriend, boyfriend, and true love. You’re lucky if their all the same person.

Current pedicure = OPI's "Suzi Takes The Wheel"

Suzi Takes the Wheel by OPI. I am obsessed with grey and have been for awhile, but I will admit I don't like it on my toes.I couldn't resist posting it though. This is my favorite shade of grey for fingers and it is definite go-to.