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an artist's rendering of the exterior of a building next to a body of water
Gallery of Bryghusgrunden mixed use, Copenhagen / OMA - 10
caminho na área próxima ao rio
an aerial view of a skateboard park with ramps
an artist's rendering of a city with people walking and riding on skateboards
Gallery of Beijing Core Area Plan / Brininstool, Kerwin, + Lynch - 6
benches are lined up along the edge of a pier
Malpica Harbour / CREUSeCARRASCO Arquitectos
Malpica Harbour / CREUSeCARRASCO Arquitectos | #saltstudionyc
three wooden benches sitting on top of cement steps - Domain Name For Sale | Undeveloped
Stair Chair Public Place Creation
several people sitting on wooden benches in front of a building with tall buildings behind them
Forme Publique, La Défense, Paris
the skate park is empty and ready to be used
Tribeca skate park
a river running through a lush green countryside
General Maister Memorial Park
a bench sitting on the side of a building next to a sidewalk with no people
ROUGH&READY TOP SEATS - Contemporary public bench by Streetlife | ArchiExpo
Contemporary wooden public bench ROUGH&READY: TOPSEATS Streetlife
a wooden bench sitting on top of a grass covered park slope next to a lush green field
Project: Future Park Killesberg - Rainer Schmidt
two people sitting at a table with plants growing in the planter boxes on each side
Gallery of UrbanEdge / Gustafson Guhrie Nichol - 5
UrbanEdge / Gustafson Guhrie Nichol #urban #furniture #landscape
an empty parking lot in the middle of a city
Central Dandenong Lonsdale Street Redesign and Upgrade by BKK Architects
an aerial view of some buildings with grass in the middle and trees on each side
The Nicholson / DesignInc
The Nicholson / Design Inc photo by © Dianna Snape
a person walking down a path at night with lights in the background and trees on either side
Adept Architects, LiW planning — Måløv Axis