Digital health and medical infographics to put things into perspective.
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88% of physicians want patients to monitor their health at home.

The social people behind CDW Healthcare are doing a good job putting out some great content on social media. A great example of this is this Digital Patient Infographic that they recently posted: I.

How Android is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

how android is transforming the healthcare industry. Android is transforming our health using news technologies and apps to enhance the quality of our medical care

48.2% of non-tracking adults said they would use a fitness tracking device provided by a physician.

Infographic: Understanding Wearable Tech and Preventative Healthcare wearable technology mHealth infographic

The state of mobile technologies in healthcare today

State of mobile technologies in healthcare today infographic provides a visual representation of key results from the Annual Mobile Health Survey

Electronic Health Records may reduce outpatient costs by 3%

Convergence of Big Data and EHR infographic explores the how the growing relationship between health data and EHR adoption is transforming healthcare.

Since June 2011, the number of hospitals that have achieved the highest level of progress toward a paperless environment has increased 164% #healthcare #himss

Healthcare IT leaders are worried about having enough money to successfully complete healthcare IT projects, according to the findings of the Annual 2014 HIMSS Leadership Survey.

Can a phone or tablet be a medical device?

Infographic created by global science, technology and product development services company Sagentia illustrates how mobile medical apps are poised to revolutionize healthcare.

67% of provider's budgets are under $2 million/year.

State of healthcare innovation infographic illustration of the recent findings from the 2013 Healthcare Provider Innovation Survey

90% of physicians would like to see apps give patients the ability to upload data into their personal EHR files.

Clinical mobility is racing forward! This infographic from CDW Healthcare examines the growing mobile device and app use that's improving patient care.

The number of ACO (Accountalble Care Organizations) has reached 522 up from 320 a year ago. #aco #healthcare

Annual 2014 recap of some of the most in-depth and well designed health tech infographics including trends transforming health IT , mhealth, etc.