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there are three different types of metal items in this photo and the text says salt water etching on metal
Salt Water Etching - an easy DIY technique
Personalize your water bottle with salt water etching - an easy DIY technique that allows you to etch metal with basic household supplies. #Tips4Trips [ad]
an electronic device sitting on top of a table next to a pipe and some wires
piegatrice per pressa fai da te (homemade press brake)
#Metalbender - YouTube
a video demonstrating how to use a vice
Make A Metal Bender || Homemade Roller Bender
#Metalbender - YouTube
an outdoor cooking set up on the grass with pots and pans next to it
CampMania - Fire Hanger
an old fashioned kettle is sitting in the grass
The Blacksmith Shop
Campfire coffee by "The Blacksmith Shop"
there is a metal object that has been placed on top of a piece of wood
Homemade Metal Bender
Metal Bender - Homemade metal bender constructed from flat steel bar stock and steel rods.
a piece of metal sitting on top of a burlock
Blacksmithing Collectibles for sale | eBay
Blacksmith Hardy Anvil Tool 3/4" Turning Bending Forge Scrolling Twisting Jig
a pair of scissors are being used to sharpen a piece of wood with a knife
How to
Heat Up Aluminum
an iron sculpture in the middle of a grassy field
cooking tripod, camping tripod
Cooking Tripod (Dutch Oven)
a black metal fence with four hooks on it's side and leaves scattered about the ground
DSC02138 - Member Galleries - Gallery - I Forge Iron
an outdoor grill with pots and pans cooking on it's side in the grass
Cowboy cooking
an open fire pit sitting on top of a grass covered field
This item is unavailable | Etsy
Campfire Tripod hook, double hook to use on dutch oven handle & bales, w/ extra strong S hook. Incl. 1 double horseshoe hook & the S, to connect to chain. The hook is made from a new, authentic horseshoe and can hold a really heavy dutch oven (not included). Lots more sturdy than the one hook light-weight models youve seen. Only $25. ***** Construction Details for the hook shown *** - Painted w/ high temperature BBQ paint. - Unique horseshoe hanger with 2 hooks, to securely attach to your d...
a person standing next to a metal object on the ground
The Blacksmith Shop
The Blacksmith Shop