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Pampoenkoekies met stroop, Baie van ons maak pampoenkoekies as 'n bygereg, maar tradisioneel is dit as nagereg voorgesit.

South-African food

Boerewors (farmers sausage), everyone’s favourite a must at every South African braai - South African barbecue tips and ideas


Scenes from a braai II - lamb sosaties with a view

Gebraaide eiervrug

Meze platter with fried eggplant - serve with hummus, black olives, tzatziki, sundried tomatoes and roasted red chilies.

Paptert -Jou wereld -

Paptert is a delicious South African dish, which is served at a braai (barbeque). It is made with maize porridge (mieliepap) and a vegetab.

Heleen Meyer

Heleen Meyer

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