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Vredefort Dome: One of the oldest known meteor impact zones in the world is found close to Parys in the Free State Province. The Vredefort Dome was formed when a meteor struck the earth approximately 2023 million years ago and formed a crater that stretches roughly 300km across. Today the Dome is a UNESCO Heritage Site that spikes your heart rate in a variety of ways. The Vredefort Dome offers visitors various outdoors activities, including river rafting, 4×4 trails, birding and, for the…

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Kingdom of Mapungubwe (1075–1220) The kingdom of Mapungubwe was a pre-colonial state in southern Africa located at the confluence of the Shashe and Limpopo rivers south of Great Zimbabwe. The kingdom, which built stone walls to mark important areas, was the first stage in a development that would culminate in the creation of the kingdom of Zimbabwe in the 13th century and with gold-trading links to Rhapta and Kilwa Kisiwani on the African east coast. The kingdom of Mapungubwe lasted about…

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Vredefort Dome: World Heritage Sites of South « – The Library of Library User Group

Vredefort crater - South Africa The asteroid that hit Vredefort is estimated to have been one of the largest ever to strike Earth (at least since the Hadean Eon some four billion years ago), thought to have been approximately 5–10 km (3.1–6.2 mi) in diameter. The bolide that created the Sudbury Basin could have been even larger.[3] The original crater was estimated to have a diameter of roughly 300 km (190 mi),[2] although this has been eroded away. It would have been larger than the 250…

The World's largest meteor crater is the two billion years old Vredefort Dome meteor crater In South Africa.

Vredefort dome - Free State Province - Stand inside a huge crater! Not only is it the oldest crater found so far on Earth, but it is nearly twice as big as the impact that killed the dinosaurs. Vredefort crater is about 300 km wide, and said to be the largest that has ever struck the earth. Estimated to be two billion years old, you’ll be blown away by the impact at this World Heritage Site.

UNESCO World Heritage SIte #125: Cape Floral Region Protected Areas

Tree, Richtersveld National Park, Unesco World Heritage site, Northern Cape, South Africa | by South African Tourism

During a short but glorious reign, Mapungubwe in the Limpopo Valley was a kingdom that inspired art, trade and, ultimately, a great sense of awe.