Kolam- inde du sud

large oversize white Kolam on concrete floors Kolam is a rangoli traditionally composed of geometric lines and shapes, drawn around a grid pattern of dots. It is drawn by south Indian women with rice or chalk powder in front of their homes.


Circular forms in art are often referred to as mandalas, the Sanskrit word for "sacred circle." For thousands of years the creation of circular, often geometric designs has been part of spiritual practices around the world and almost every culture has rev

Create an outdoor celebration space to meditate on March 16th and to use for the upcoming Spring Equinox on March 20th. Love, Light and Joy

wild-nirvana: earth-witch: Mandala by chouette rieuse ॐ Bloom Where You Are Planted☽

all children should grow up making danmalas.....Danmala by LukeDHarrison, via Flickr

Exploring with nature - mathematically skills bing built upon here.

Mandala Art #MehendiMandalaArt #MehendiMandala @MehendiMandala

Mandala Art #MehendiMandalaArt #MehendiMandala @MehendiMandala