Grade 6 Literacy

This series of great lesson idea focuses explores the teaching of several topics within Intermediate Phase Literacy and English. Each video is supported by a plan of the lesson so that teachers can try the teaching techniques out in their own classrooms.
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Commas to Seperate Nouns - English FAL

Commas to Seperate Nouns - English FAL

English Poetry

Victress Msabala at Gobandlovu Primary School teaches her Grade 6 learners a Poetry lesson.

Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow - LOLT and FAL

Sally Bredell from Robertson Primary School teaches a Grade 6 a lesson on Tenses.The children read a story and they have to block the words which are in the .

Spotlight on Sound Using Similes and Metaphors

Mrs Eirene Flamand at Underberg Primary School teachers a lesson on Figures of Speech. She uses musical instruments and asks them what noises these instrumen.

Getting Hooked on Creative Writing

Kim Day at Manor Gardens Primary does a lesson on what grips a reader. She explores what do you notice when you are reader. She encourages the learners to hi.

Language Structure - Similes - Using the Smart Board

Mrs Daries at Alicedale Primary School introduces this lesson Grade 6 lesson by revising nouns, adjectives and verbs. The learners use the smart board to mat.

Brain Gym and Adjectives

She starts her lesson with a bit of brain gym. This activity stimulates the learners brain for the day.

Luister en Praat - Afrikaans

Luister en Praat - Afrikaans

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