Grade 2 Literacy

This series of great lesson idea videos explores the teaching of several topics within Foundation Phase Literacy. Each video is supported by a plan of the lesson so that teachers can try the teaching techniques out in their own classrooms.
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Telling a Story Using your Face, Body and Voice - IsiZulu

Josephine Ndimande at Qedusizi starts her lesson with a song and the goes on to introduce the animals in the story by using pictures and flash cards.

Phonics "ntw" - isiZulu

Nokulunga Sishange at Gobandlovu Primary School teaches a phonics lesson in isiZulu to a Grade 2 class. She starts her lesson with a story about animals and .

Singular and Plurals - English FAL

Mathe at Pembelani Primary School teaches a lesson on Singular and Plurals.

Farm Animals - English FAL

Miss Molepo teaches a lesson on baby animals on a farm. She uses pictures and flashcards.

Storytelling - isiZulu

MN Mthalane teaches at Dover Combined Farm School. She teaches a Grade 2 class a lesson on Storytelling.

Opposites - Tshivenda HL

In this lesson Mudau Maria teaches a Grade 2 lesson on Tshivenda Home Language Opposites in Phonics. She starts off the lesson by writing the words on the bo.