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Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole

Low-Carb Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole Ingredients For the casserole: 1 whole cooked chicken, bones removed, meat diced or shredded (rotisse.

Berliner Recipe

Berliners are a light and fluffy Jam or Custard filled Doughnut that are incredibly delicious. Be sure to view all the versions and don't miss the homemade Kitchener Buns too! needs translated

Peasant Bread

My mother's peasant bread! If forced I had to pick one and only one recipe to share with you that this — my mother's peasant bread — would be it I am serious. No knead baked in pyrex bowls--started at on the dinner table at

This Berliner Recipe is perfect for Doughnut Lovers and it is a delicious delight you will love to make. We have a youtube video so you can make your own.

These Giant Ferrero Rocher Hazelnut Mousse Cakes look like giant Ferrero Rocher candies, but they're really full of chocolate cake and hazelnut mousse!