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an image of a bunch of photoshopped pages with the text 20 templates
Competitions.Archi in collaboration with winners of architecture competitions launched in previous years prepared Project Boards Template Pack. It is a set of 20 free panels templates of awarded projects in PhotoShop and InDesign formats. Here you can find 20 Inspirations for your presentation board, which are easy to transform and edit. #projectboardslayout #architecturepanelsinspirations #architectureprojectrepresentation #photoshoplayout #indesigntemplate #projectboardstemplates
many different architectural diagrams are shown in this image
Architecture Portfolio Guide - archisoup | Architecture Tools & Resources
Architecture Portfolio Guide - archisoup | Architecture Guides & Resources
an open book with images of buildings on it
architecture portfolio
image showing an architectural wall section Revit Presentation Graphics, Creative Title Block Design Architecture, Titleblocks Design, Architect Title Block Design, Architecture Drawing Graphics, Autocad Title Block Design, Titleblocks Architecture, Architectural Title Block Design, Interior Design Title Block
Architectural drawings for a custom home
This wall section is drawn at 1"=1'-0" and describes the vertical placement and systems which make up the walls, floors, roof and foundation of the structure. It too references other documents in the architectural drawing set. The red annotation text helps to order the information conveyed to the contractor.