Mortar pit, Le Fong Forrest, 1967

Mortar pit Le Fong Forrest 1967 via James Ellis.

835639948_1_644x461_buffel-apc-mineprotected-vehicle-poster-print-sadf-1978-strand.jpg (420×595)

835639948_1_644x461_buffel-apc-mineprotected-vehicle-poster-print-sadf-1978-strand.jpg (420×595)

South African Troops during the Border War or also known as the Bush War.

South African Troops during the Border War, also known as the Bush War.

32 BAT/ Recces showing the finer points of an HK21 to a few SADF Soldaats.

A member of the South African Defense Force’s famous 32 Battalion trains regulars on the use of the Heckler and Koch general-purpose machine gun.

-Dead terrorist , SWA/Namibia !

Dead Freedom Fighter's body tied to jeep -Never Forget!

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Draadkarre being refuel. With a or a in the door, there old helicopters were very effective

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Teniente, 32 Batallón, 1985.

Fuerzas Especiales Sudáfrica.