Alphen Awakened: Heritage Conversion

Harald Lochotzke, a developer from Germany, bought such a townhouse with the vision of transforming it completely. We could not change any of the exterior (as it had to blend with the historic style of the estate) but the interior is all completely new. We removed virtually all the internal walls and every level - every room in fact - got its own distinct character and identity.
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Carnivals, Mars, Carnavals

The beautiful leaf green Vola tap and Geberit actuator work so well with the sold yellow wood flooring.

The Hoesch bath with the grey finished Vola bath column is beautifully framed with the white shutters.

Alphen Awakened - colourful lobby with Rug from The Rug Company

The custom green glass cladding in the shower compliments the custom made resin shower tray and the blue Vola shower rose.

Carnivals, Mars, Carnavals