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a drawing of a girl in a sailor outfit with her hand on her chin and looking at the camera
comm Cancer by snowcastel on DeviantArt
comm Cancer by on @deviantART
a woman with long white hair wearing a black dress
Hooray for eerie imagery! The original idea came from those weirdly amazing leaf skeletons that you sometimes see. I've always loved them and even found a tutorial on how to make them. Unfortunatel...
a woman balances herself on a scale with circles and triangles around her, in the dark blue background
Studio Posti
• Studio Posti — Studio Posti – Illustration & Design
a woman in a white dress with a crescent moon on her head is walking through the water
To be Great in the eyes of Someone.
a woman in a black dress with her hands on her hips, and the words libra above her
must love dogs
heylenne: “ All characters belong to a graphic novel project: Project “D” (Which means that all illustrations were made to fit the characters. I’m by no means “judging” signs and categorizing them as...
an image of a woman dressed in white and blue, with her hair blowing up
Leo by Heylenne on DeviantArt
Tumblr Instagram Facebook You can check the zodiac compilation here:… (Sorry, sometim...
the sun is setting behind some trees on a snowy day with snow covering the ground
15 Awesome pictures Part.2
"l'hiver et son blanc manteau" rétrogirl♥
the diy crate bookshelf is made out of wood
Tara's Interiors
This simple DIY Crate Bookshelf is a fabulous storage idea for the kids bedroom. Includes easy tutorial too, so excited to make this one!
a bridge over a river in the middle of a lush green forest under a full moon
Visions 2022 // Unrealistic Scenes
Powerful witch, sangoma and spell caster in Ontario, New York Sydney +27786966898