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Mila Van Niekerk

Mila Van Niekerk
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{Quote} "A strong woman stand up for herself. A stronger woman stands up for everyone else." Behind every man there stands a strong woman LoL …

Absolute perfection! more funny pics on facebook:

I am a princess.Dont think this as prideful or cheesy in any way. Every girl should look at this and believe that they are, by birth, a princess.

Well unfortunately I have no classes with my best friend this year so I'm stuck being a loner. Yet again when am I not?

Yep every single time! Teacher: Class, we will be doing and assignment where you get to have a partner. You can pick who your partner is. *Looks at bestie* *Bestie looks back* *Both think the teacher made a bad choice letting us pick*

iPhone autocorrect can be pretty hilarious, which we've highlighted in these 25 insanely funny auto correct fails.

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