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I'd break their kneecaps : dndmemes Games, Fandom, Writing Prompts, Humour, Pathfinder, Dungeons And Dragons Memes, Dungeons And Dragons Homebrew, D&d Dungeons And Dragons, Dungeons And Dragons
I'd break their kneecaps
I'd break their kneecaps : dndmemes
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Writing-prompt-s There's a serial killer in your town. Unfortunately for them you are a necromancer and you have fun driving that maniac insane. mayhemandmoonlight #*ressurects some guy* okay listen neec fuck yes you to do me a favor #so the guy who killed you has actually killed lot of people in town- why has n" one hoticed? glad you asked- #its because every time bring them back n. dying had to suck right. t fixed it and i will continue fixing it #so please cont tell the cops about the serial killer #rc n t listen i understand you dont to hurt more people i will keep fixing it right. just hen they see you again tomorrow wouldnt it be so funny if you acted like nothing happened just to fuck with t driving them NUTS #right? right? i driving them NUTS #it is great youre right. now listen ive gotta go but i made a discord for all the people who jot murdered as like a support group thing #so heres the link if you need to talk about it nd of a lot to keep with someone i know its kind of lot to keep to yourself #but please its so much funnier if you dont everwhere elsa mention it or act like anything happened @townofcan Why would leave this masterpiece in the notes #consider: romantic comedy 42,371 notes - iFunny
A poster advertises: Tell your tale & earn gold! Quill’s Travelling Troupe are in town & eager to bring YOUR stories to life as performances for the world to see! If you have a unique & gripping story, come share it with us & earn up to 50 gold per truly riveting story. We'll be performing breathtaking tales from the world over each night in Sentinel’s Park until the next full moon! Shows begin 1 hour after sunset & last from 1 to 2 hours. Admittance is free but donations are always welcome! Metal, Hooks, Larp, Inspiration, Last Knights, Name Games, Job Board, Tales, Job Poster
Tell Your Tale — Of Metal And Magic
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Writing-Prompt-S a Dating Service Where Matching Is Based on People's Search History Exists You're a Serial Killer You Go on a Date With a Writer Endreams-S Serial Killer Metaphorically if You Were to Kill Someone How Would You Do It? Writer Air Shot Between the Toes It'Il Look Like a Heart Attack Serial Killer Who Is Obviously in Love Already *Sucks in a Breath* Ok Fangoddess817 Writer How Long Would It Take to Die if You Were to Potentially Stab Someone in the Quts Serial Killer Anywhere From 2 to 30 Minutes Writer Already Bringing a Ring Out Shaking* Thanks Infinitvonthot A++ Addition Tetsuskitten Writer *Shows the Serial Killer the Murder Scene They're Writing* Babe I'm Not Sure if This Would Actually Work Serial Killer *Kisses Writer on the Forehead and Leaves Comes Back Later a Suspicious Scent of Blood Coming Off Them* It Works Baby You're Doing Great | Dating Meme on ME.ME
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Live Final Destination by ninevsnine on Deviantart
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& broadjay consider: adhd immortal people ”what was it like 400 years ago?” fuck if i know. i don’t even remember what it was like last week. catch me procrastinating basic tasks for twenty times longer “oh yeah, I've been meaning to get around to fixing that window, but I've just been so busy, y'know?” ”you've lived here since 1740" MMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE [é rockpapertheodore Walking through a museum and seeing some old things of yours and just going “FUCK. FUCK GOD DAMN IT, I've been looking for this forEVER" and then trying to haggle with the curator to get your shit back - iFunny
I made a sofa/daybed to procrastinate in!
I made a sofa/daybed to procrastinate in!
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20 Dungeons and Dragons Memes That Show The Game Makes No Sense
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Found this on Twitter. What piece of advice would you have on your DM loading screen?
Found this on Twitter. What piece of advice would you have on your DM loading screen?
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What to say instead of no problem? 100 synonyms and example phrases to use 3 Organisation, Words, Work Goals, Learn English, Tecnologia, Learn English Words, Writing Words
What to say instead of no problem? 100 synonyms and example phrases to use
What to say instead of no problem? 100 synonyms and example phrases to use 3
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My Comics Are All About Swords And Sword Accessories, Here’s 147 Of The Best
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Dnd psa : dndmemes