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great idea!
a wooden shelf filled with lots of different tools on it's sides and drawers
Nail Gun Cabinet Woodworking Plan by Woodworkers Journal
the drill bit gauge is used to measure holes made with corresponding bits for cutting wood
Shop Tips
Click To Enlarge - Never miss a bit with holder-and-gauge combo
a man is using a table saw to cut planks with a clamp bar
Ken’s Favorite Shop Tips
Anything that gives you more control when gluing is a good thing. These simple-to-build clamp bars, made of 2x4s, will keep clamps from tipping, and can be set up on a couple of sawhorses to free up space on your bench. Screw the two 2x4s together so you can cut the notches on both at the same time.
a red toolbox filled with lots of screws and nuts on top of a table
How do you organize your bolts/screws/nails (Category wise)
Garage organization, hardware organization, nut and bolt organization, tool cabinet organization
there are many tools hanging on the pegs in this workbench, and one person is using a pair of pliers
Cheap Workshop Storage Solutions You Can DIY
Tape and Glasses Hanger
the man is working on his workbench with lots of screws
Cheap Workshop Storage Solutions You Can DIY
Muffin Tin Hardware Bin