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a chocolate cake is being drizzled with syrup
Smooth frosting or ganache finish on cakes
chocolate mocha mousse cake on a plate with the words dark chocolate mousse cake above it
Dark Chocolate & Mocha Mousse Cake
A decadent dark chocolate mocha mousse cake perfect for grown up celebrations.
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#fondantcake #fondantpanelling
How to make rice paper sails to add onto your cakes
chocolate fabric recipe with text overlay
Making edible fabric with chocolate is soo satisfying !! So smooth and glides silkily like satin😍😍 The best part is it tastes like white… | Instagram
4 kreative Dekorationen aus Schokolade für Torten und Desserts
Schokoladendekorationen kennt man meistens nur aus Gourmet-Restaurants. Doch auch zu Hause lassen sich tolle Dekorationen aus Schokolade ganz einfach selbst machen. Wir zeigen dir 4 Ideen, um deine Torten und Desserts zu dekorieren. So wirst auch du zu einem waschechten Tortendekorateur.
Making Chocolate Butterflies for Decorations
Video Credit- @kirstentibballs
How to make chocolate butterflies
Video credit - @bonn.tonn
🌻🌻🌻 Credit:@jorisvanhee
a box filled with lots of cupcakes covered in frosting
Edible moss?! Do you want to learn the trick? You need to check @cocobellycakes
Cake decorating Credits:@sweetjosiebakes