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South Africa on a plate - Biltong and Butternut Quiche


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Biltong Blog

Website dedicated to biltong, dry wors, jerky, South African recipes and all things South African. How to make biltong boxes, using dehydrators, pet treats etc.

How to Make Biltong Chili Bites and Snapsticks (Spicy Peri Peri Recipe)

How to make spicy biltong chili bites | Biltong Blog

How to easily make your own delicious spicy biltong chili bites / peri-peri sticks at home.

spiced South African beef biltong

South African Recipes Part 2: Traditional South African Beef Biltong / Tradisionele Beesbiltong

According to the Webster’s College Dictionary, biltong can be defines as; “biltong(n.)ˈbɪlˌtɔŋ, -ˌtɒŋ (in South Africa) strips of lean meat dried in the open air.” From this defin…

Delicious biltong & cheese muffins to make for kids. Substitute biltong for any cold meat!

Biltong & Cheese Muffins - Teach Me Mommy

Delicious biltong & cheese muffins to make for kids. Substitute biltong for any cold meat!

Craffie's Award Winning Biltong Recipe

Craffies se Biltong: an award-winning recipe - Getaway Magazine

Frik Crafford, winner of last year's Stellenbosch Hills Freddy Hirsch biltong challenge won a hefty cash prize as well as all the Freddy Hirsch equipment he could need with this recipe, called Craffies se Biltong.

The first layer of spiced and salted strips

Homemade do-it-yourself biltong recipe: part 1, preparation.

Biltong is an absolutely delicious dried beef snack, originating from South Africa. It is, however, very expensive to buy and I’ve been wanting to have a go at making it for a while. Sainsbur…